HCG Diet Protocol

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  • DR. Simeons HCG Diet Protocol

    People today are more health conscious and concerned about their weight and the effects it has…

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  • DR Lipman HCG Diet Protocol

    Dr. Lipman's HCG diet is designed for quick and safe weight loss. It relies on a…

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  • DR. Emma HCG Diet Protocol

    Being obese is a recipe for disaster when it comes to your health and wellbeing. People…

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  • Dr. Robbins HCG Diet Protocol

    The HCG diet has been a favorite low calorie diet for many years. The diet claims…

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Best Doctors in Your Town

Samanta Brown, a holistic doctor in Los Angeles, has come up with a way for patients to lose weight using the HCG diet program. This program has been a success for many patients in the Los Angeles area. Dr. Brown uses a completely scientific approach that combines HCG hormone injections and a very low-calorie diet to maintain muscle mass while losing fat. Patients typically see a weight-loss of half a pound to one pound a day when following this plan. Our program is unusual when compared to others as we make sure you are supervised while on it. Dr. Brown is…

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