HCG Injections Benefits

HCG Injections Benefits

If you are a newbie to the topic of weight loss program options, it might be your first time to know about HCG injections; if you have heard about it but you don’t know much about it, then you are in the right place. There is more to HCG than the injection itself. Don’t worry about it; we are going to take you through everything you need to know about an HCG injection and how it helps to aid in body-weight loss. Let’s start at the beginning.

The history of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone

We are going to look at HCG as a protocol for weight-loss since it is a growing application as a regimen for weight loss. First of all, HCG is an acronym for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a hormone that is produced mostly by pregnant women; that is why you will hear the term ‘pregnancy hormone’ being used to refer to HCG.

HCG-hormone is used to support the healthy functions of both female and male reproductive systems. In the purest forms, HCG is known as a glycoprotein; in simple terms, it is a mass of amino acids. Women, as we have mentioned above, produce higher levels of HCG during pregnancy, but both men and women produce HCG at low levels throughout their lifetime.

In men, the testicles produce low HCG-hormone which are not even easy to detect. But the levels that exist are healthy enough to assist in the synthesis of testosterone. In women, higher levels of HCG are usually produced in the placenta.

Back in the 1950’s, an endocrinologist noticed odd behavior in patients who were administered with the HCG-hormone. Most of them showed a loss of appetite, and over time, the patients were able to lose weight. The endocrinologist, later on, decided to research more on the results and within after a couple of years, the results became the foundation of a weight-loss protocol.

HCG Injections weight loss Benefits

How the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone weight-loss protocol works

HCG-hormone is known to encourage the production of other hormones. When it is introduced to the human-body, it triggers the release of secret lipids which are known as hunger inhibiting hormones. This is where the power of the HCG-hormone comes to play.

Since craving for eating is taken away and you don’t have to diet, the body uses the stored body fat as energy stores to the point of burning approximately a pound of fat in a day. If you are planning to lose weight, this technique has gained popularity because it allows you to eat a diet that has as little as 500 calories in a sitting without feeling like you are starving.

Does it sound unreal? Let us dive in to look at some of the benefits of getting the HCG injections and how they can help you.

Benefits of Human Chorionic-Gonadotropin hormone injections

  • Lower cholesterol: the benefit of losing weight assists in lowering the cholesterol level in the blood. This helps to cut off the number of ailments that target the heart.
  • Reduces the risk of erectile dysfunction: the benefit of HCG is seen when the HCG-hormone helps to maintain normal levels of testosterone in the body which helps to lower the probability of erectile dysfunction.
  • It increases your libido: HCG-hormone also triggers the body’s hormonal balance which also involves the secretion of testosterone which is a sex hormone.
  • Improves performance and endurance: when you have low body-weight, you have a better chance of breathing allowing you to work harder and longer without feeling tired.
  • It improves muscle retention: when you look at most low-calorie diets, they fail because the muscles lose mass which leads to weight gain because of low metabolism. But once you introduce the HCG-hormone, it will restrict the loss of muscle mass because of the low calories that help in meeting your targets of weight loss.
  • It is a painless weight-loss technique: if you don’t have enough time to hit the gym every day to lose weight, or you are not motivated to follow a strict diet, you can get a safe injection of the hormone from a doctor and follow a strict diet plan to see changes in your body weight in a short time.
  • It allows for a balanced body-weight distribution: after a safe HCG-injection and following a strict diet plan, your body is instructed by the hormones to burn off the fat in specific body areas like the waist, the arms, the neck, and the butts to ensure that you get a more proportional body that has low fat and an evenly distributed body weight.