HCG Injections Cost

HCG Injections Cost

The HCG diet is rapidly gaining in popularity and a lot of people have heard about the benefits from coworkers, family and friends. You may have heard or even seen the results of this program and looked into it a little bit wondering how well it would work for your situation. When a patient first sees the amount of information available for this program, they are generally overwhelmed. This is when most people start thinking about the almighty dollar and wondering about the cost. If you have been considering trying this diet, you are most likely already concerned about the cost. After all, there are numerous programs available that cost nearly a thousand dollars. This is probably a dollar or two more than you are able or willing to spend. The chances of your insurance covering the cost of a diet is slim, no matter how important it may be to the health of the patient. Many dieting programs are very expensive but this is not necessarily true in this case. You probably already realize losing weight can be an expensive proposition. The difference here is numerous companies have a version of HCG and if the company allows you to bundle services, the cost decreases. A cheaper program will not benefit you if it does not work.

The Cost of Prescription HCG vs. Over the Counter

There are a lot of different companies offering HCG diet supplies right over the counter. The two most common forms are the sprays and the drops. You need to realize these are not the same as the pharmaceutical form of HCG. When a patient has used both the homeopathic and prescription versions they usually claim both worked equally well. The issue is just because one company is reputable does not mean all of them are. A good way to find information is with the numerous forums available for individuals on this diet. Many are trying to save a dollar or two on the cost or considering giving it a try. You will generally find some nice options from the users at these forums.

Homeopathic HCG

The cost for homeopathic HCG is dependent on the company and it does vary. A quality company generally provides a bottle for 23 days with a cost of $85 to $100. You may be able to save a dollar or two by finding the companies offering two bottles for the price of one. This is a good chance to try the diet with a family member or friend also interested in saving a dollar. You may also be able to locate a company offering an alternative to HCG if you are not able to take HCG for one reason or another. You will find the cost is very similar to the standard homeopathic HCG drops. When a patient uses an alternatives and discovers it is effective in losing weight on the diet, the response is usually excellent.

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Prescription HCG

The cost for prescription HCG is a bit different. The dollar value is based on a few different factors. If you intend to visit a medical facility each week, you will be charged for every visit. There is also a charge for your injections, pills, sprays and supplies and the dollar amount will vary. Your insurance may not pay for your visits to the doctor or they may charge you a copay. This is usually between twenty and forty dollars. If you intend to make one visit a week for six weeks, this can come to over $200. If you are going to a facility that does not accept insurance or is out of the network, your cost per week may be close to $60. This dollar amount can add up fast.

The Cost for HCG Injections

The average patient will be charged approximately $200 for their first round. This fee does include your HCG, disposing of the used needles and your syringes. This has been established as the most common dollar amount but there are patients who claim their HCG shots have cost them nearly $400. The dollar amount will decrease if you are using the pill form of HCG but there is a wide variation in the prices. The price of your monthly supply can be anywhere from $25 to $50. If the price of the HCG injections is not acceptable for your situation, you can try the nasal spray. One bottle should suffice for the duration of your round and is priced between $100 and $150 per bottle.

The Cost for HCG Approved Food

The majority of dieters will realize a low daily calorie intake will decrease the amount of their grocery bill. When you go to the store, you probably look for healthier brands with a good value. You must be a lot pickier with the HCG diet. The foods you need to buy will not be dependent on the pricing. An excellent example is the price of regular ground beef. You can go to nearly any store and still pay less than $4 per pound. The price for lean, grass fed beef will be roughly eight dollars per pound. You are limited to 200 grams of protein in your food each day. This means you will use up your beef in about two days. There are a lot of different prices for Stevia at the stores, but it still costs a lot more than regular sugar. You need to replace the regular vegetables and fruits on your food list with organic. The cost is higher but you will have no difficulty finding them in most stores and shopping at an ethnic market will decrease the cost.

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The Grocery Bill

Your grocery bill may be a lot higher than you anticipated. The fact you will not be eating out while on your diet will decrease the cost of your food. Your cost may also increase if you choose to use additional supplements during your diet such as vitamins or B-12 supplements. You can easily find these at your pharmacy. Keep in mind these vitamins may increase your cost, but the daily health benefits are excellent for your general health.

The Bottom line

The bottom line is your costs for the HCG diet will only be as high as you allow. The most important factor is a lot of dieters have discovered if they follow the diet, they are going to drop the excess weight. Visit your physician once a week for the treatment if possible to help ensure your success. You can achieve your goals with a good support network, a reputable store and by following the program.